The 20 Weirdest, Wildest Ant Facts

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By Alex Wild Members of the genus Cephalotes are often called "turtle" ants after the broad, flattened head shields of the soldier caste. The sole purpose of this strange adaptation is more or less that of a living cork, perfectly sealing off the entrance to the colony. Rather than constructing one of their own, these ants typically colonize.

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The tropical fungus Ophiocordyceps infects ants’ central. don’t miss 46 more weird, interesting facts that most. Originally Published on Reader’s Digest. Reader Interactions. Enjoy the.

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If you’re looking for the most interesting list of animal facts, you’re at the right place! Here are 300 of the most fun and random facts about animals!. A lion in the wild usually makes no more than twenty kills a year.. For every human in the world there are one million ants.