The Dangers Of Termites

What is a Termite Letter? The termite letter is a report stating that your home is free and clear of these 5 organisms. With the letter, we promise that your home will be clear of these 5 organisms for 90 days. If your house, by any chance, does get termites within those 90 days, we will come out and treat the house for free!

While researchers have yet to determine if the hybrid termite is fertile or sterile, it likely poses a danger, said Nan-Yao Su, an entomology professor at the UF Fort Lauderdale Research and Education.

Termites are dangerous for us.. The dangers of termite control agents–most often used in the form of baits or liquid sprays–are similar to the dangers inherent in the use of insecticides in general. Under federal law, it is illegal to state that the use of any pesticide is safe.

Why Are Termites Dangerous To Your Home? Termites are notorious for causing incredible amounts of damage to a home. Just the thought of a termite infestation is enough to strike fear into the heart of any homeowner.

S.C., have been found to be the source of new outbreaks of Formosan termites in Atlanta. Ties also have been linked to infestations in Auburn, Ala., and elsewhere. Monitoring and control Invading.

The Dangers of termite damage. termites are the most destructive insects’ pest of wood causing more than 90 billion damage each year. They also destroy structural timbers, pallets, crates, furniture, and other wood. They consume cellulose products like paper, cartons and fabrics. In addition they will damage materials they do not normally eat as they food.

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The termites under its influence are dying in few days. So do not be alarmed if after tenting you still see some termites in the houses – they will die very soon. One important thing about tenting for termites – health risk, in high concentration the gas can be dangerous for humans and pets and even lead to death.

The immediate dangers. Termites can quickly eat away at the organic components of your house, such as the wood found in many of its structural foundations. In a matter of six months, a colony can finish off a foot of a 24 wooden beam.

Anyone dealing with a termite infestation should consider hiring a pest control expert to ensure that appropriate chemicals are used and applied safely. Other Effects of Termites. Homeowners who have asked the question "Are termites harmful to humans?" can rest assured that termites have few harmful effects.