The Tawny Crazy Ant U.S. Invasion and Control

The UT researchers studied two crazy ant invasion sites on the Texas Gulf Coast and found that in those areas where the Tawny crazy ant population is densest, fire ants were eliminated.

The crazy ants, officially called "tawny crazy ants," are omnivores that can take over. Scientists are unsure how far the ants, which are native to Argentina and Brazil, may spread in the U.S..

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"Louisiana sugarcane farmers are some of the only folks in the southern U.S. that welcome fire. they’re not in those fields yet." Tawny crazy ants have been on the move for nearly two decades since.

The ant has recently been identified as Nylanderia fulva (formerly Nylanderia sp. nr. pubens) and the new proposed common name is the tawny crazy ant (formerly rasberry crazy ant) (gotzek 2012). Currently, little is known regarding the biology of this ant.

The Tawny Crazy Ant was originally named "Rasberry Crazy Ant" after Certified Entomologist, Tom Rasberry, first identified crazy ants in the state of Texas. However, recent studies by the U.S. Department of Agriculture have determined that the Tawny crazy ant of Texas is the same species as the Caribbean crazy ant of Florida.

Rasberry Crazy Ant Control Tawny crazy ants, a common southern pest, can be a dangerous nuisance.. populations can be so large that they overwhelm conventional control strategies. Tawny crazy ants tend to accumulate in electrical junction boxes, air conditioners, etc.. However, the tawny crazy ant is found mostly.

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Crazy Ants are among the most difficult to control within a structure because of their erratic, jerky movements and reluctance to form trails. They will either be seen in trails or wandering "aimlessly" on walls or countertops.

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The tawny crazy ant is a medium-small, monomorphic, golden-brown to reddish-brown ant. Workers are 2.0-2.3 mm in length, males are slightly larger (2.4-2.7 mm), and queens are ~4.0 mm or longer (MacGown and Layton 2010).

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