There Is A Rat In My Loft!

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We noticed rat probability in our loft Dec 1 getting the christmas tree from the loft, pest control came for 4 weeks put bait down and nothing (i cried), by chance I asked my husband to check 21st feb and a very fresh baby rat in a trap that we had put up there, the bait is still up in the loft and the pest control wasn’t that much help before and i begrudge paying the nearly £200 but.

She was seated in the kitchen of her tin-ceilinged loft in TriBeCa, near her studio space jammed with the mannequins, masks, gowns and props that have filled her pictures: a gray rubber rat, a ball.

Rat Tip of the month: Rat diseases that affect humans: adly, there are more than a few diseases that rats can transmit to humans. We’re sure they don’t mean to be rather dangerous, but they are, and that’s the reality you will need to face if you have rats in your home.

We had in our old loft a conceret floor and after my grandfather passed away we had to remove the slab. We found rat holes underneath the loft and even with rat traps there were still holes. The unusual warm weather has caused the city to state that there is a citywide rat problem, and we live in an upper scale city.

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 · There are many different signs that you can look for to help determine if you are indeed dealing with a rodent infestation problem in your home. It is often difficult to gauge just how many rats or mice you have living in an area. Rats are active pests all year round, but are generally much more active at night than in the day.

I have had a rat infestation before in my walls and inbetween first floor and second floor ceiling pest control come out basicly just put two rat traps and blue poisen behind cupboards and left it never came bk to check on it there was an intense smell for weeks we were all ill same symptoms head aches saw eyes lips limbs hurting to the rats are back and we’ve got alot blue bottles were.

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