Tick-Related Lyme Disease on the Rise in United States

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Just because winter’s here doesn’t mean tick season has ended — because you can get bitten and infected with Lyme disease year ’round. And according to a new study, Lyme is on the rise in states that border high-risk areas, so you can even get bitten coast to coast. Here’s how to protect yourself.

United States US. International INTL;. Other conditions are on the rise too – and ticks are spreading to new areas.. Southeast, South, and Midwest, but mostly spread Lyme disease in the.

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The number of infections carried by ticks, including Lyme disease and rocky mountain spotted fever, has hit a record high in the U.S. Johns Hopkins Lyme Disease Research Center and chair of the federal Tick-Borne. The CDC said it's not entirely clear why the number of reported cases is on the rise.

Cases of Lyme disease, anaplasmosis/ehrlichiosis, spotted fever. This increase follows an accelerating trend of tickborne diseases reported in the United States.. According to a recent CDC Vital Signs, the United States is not fully. https:// www.cdc.gov/vitalsigns/vector-borne/index.html; CDC Ticks.

7/9/2007  · Tick-related Disease Thrives On Cholesterol, Study Suggests. Experts say that HGA is on the rise in the United States , where anywhere from 400 to more than 1,000 people contract the disease.

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In fact, depending on where you live in the U.S., a tick bite can be more serious for a companion animal than it would be for their owner. Read on for a quick run down of the most common tick-borne illnesses affecting pets in the United States. Lyme Disease. Lyme disease can affect dogs and cats in much the same way that it does humans.

TICKTALK: Ticks and Lyme disease Tick-borne diseases on the rise Posted on by According to a recent survey by Terminix, a pest control provider, more people are being bitten by ticks than in recent years, and the number of Lyme disease cases reported to the Centers for Disease Control and prevention (cdc) increased within the past decade by 45 percent.

But the number of Americans with tick-related diseases was likely much higher — closer to 300,000 to 400,000 — because not all Lyme disease cases are reported to the CDC, says John Aucott, MD.

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