Top 100 Pest Control Companies

Pestmatser Services was ranked 75th in the top 100 listing of pest control companies nationwide by PCT (Pest Control Technology)Magazine in 2017 and has been a Top 100 company for 15 years running.

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Modern Pest Services ranked an impressive 44th in this year’s top 100 pest control companies in North America. The PCT list is based on revenue from 2011 and this is Modern’s 11th year on the list.

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Terminix Services, local franchises serving certain markets in the US; Clark Pest Control, serving California and several western states ; The remaining companies on the industry top 100 list range from $92 million US to under $5 million US. This means that the rest of the 20,000 plus companies in the US and Canada have sales of less than $5.

Pest control services assist in the regulation, management and extermination of pest species in your home or business. The best services have a technician identify the problem and degree of infestation, offer a quote, and then exterminate.

HTF MI recently Announced Global Home Outdoor Pest Control Devices study with 100+ market data Tables and Figures spread. Some of the Leading key Company’s Covered for this Research are Bell Labs,

Our people make the difference. We treat everyone like family, with care, concern, consideration. We believe that people matter most. From those we employee to those we serve. People first, bugs second. Come join our family and Live Bug Free.

McNeely Pest Control has been named as one of the top 100 pest control companies in the United States by Pest Control Technology magazine. This is the third year that McNeely Pest Control has been listed in the top 100, moving up in placement each year.

Termites Create New Colonies About Termites Termite Colonies.. In the spring, winged reproductives leave the parental nest in swarms to create a new colony. The swarming lasts less than an hour, so it’s very likely you’ll never even see it. The winged reproductives themselves look quite a bit like flying ants, for which.What Attracts Termites to a Home? With spring just around the corner, termites will begin swarming and could seek out your home for their new nesting space. To help you prevent a termite infestation, Bug Busters USA, Inc. is educating homeowners on three things they could be doing to attract termites.

The structural pest control industry consists of more than 19,000 pest management firms generating approximately .5 billion in annual revenue.. providing valuable integrated pest management services to both residential and commercial customers.. PCT magazine is the industry’s "go-to.

2017 top 100 coverage PCT’s Top 100 List is our annual listing of the largest 100 companies in the pest control industry based on previous year’s revenues. Check out the 2017 Top 100 List and access this year’s Top 100 issue which includes profiles of many of the 2017 Top 100 firms.

Philadelphia, Detroit, Cincinnati, and Chicago are among the worst-hit cities, according to Terminix, the pest-control company. And entomologists say. According to her attorney, she suffered more.