Top 25 Mosquito Cities

Summer is winding down but mosquito season persists, with Philadelphia residents poised for more bites than most in other American cities. A new report from pest. dallas-fort worth, Texas received.

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Now, a pest-control company is pointing to data that quantifies the region’s mosquito problem. According to Terminix, Washington is the third-worst city for the critters, second only to New York City.

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according to pest control company Orkin’s list of Top 50 Mosquito Cities. The top three cities on the itchy, swatting list are Atlanta, Washington, DC and Chicago. Charlotte was ranked the No. 9 city.

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MIAMI – Most South Florida residents won’t believe it, but when it comes to the worst mosquito cities in the U.S., Miami does not rank in the top ten. Despite all those hours we spend swatting away.

Texas, Louisiana and Florida clench most spots with 15 collective cities ATLANTA, May 7, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — For the fifth year in a row, the Atlanta area tops pest control leader Orkin’s Top 50.

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Pest control company, Orkin, came out with its annual top 50 mosquito cities list in the United States, which listed Atlanta as number one for the fifth year in a row. The list ranks the metro areas.

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. Terminix’s list of top mositquto cities. [ + – ] MOBILE, Ala. (WKRG) — According to a recent study from pest control company Terminix, Mobile is crawling with mosquitos. The company recently.

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