Top Cities with Bed Bug Infestations

Orkin Releases Top 50 Bed Bug Cities List, Baltimore Remains Front Runner. Atlanta and Philadelphia break into top 10. atlanta (january 14, 2019) – For the third year in a row, Baltimore tops Orkin’s Top 50 Bed Bug Cities list, released today. New York moved up two spots, while Atlanta and Philadelphia joined the top 10, replacing San Francisco and Dallas, respectively.

Bed bug infestations are on the rise.. That’s because the two cities earned the distinction of topping Orkin’s top 50 bed bug cities. Although bed bugs can be a major annoyance and are.

Philadelphia Among Top 10 Cities For Bed Bugs Exterminators at Orkin ranked the top 50 cities for bed bug infestations. Philadelphia is unfortunately on the list.

Bedbugs! 15 Worst Cities. 1 / 18. Back Next. Back. Next. Back.. "To help reduce this problem, I encourage everyone to learn the signs of bed bug infestations, how the bugs spread, what you can.

Bed bug infestations are on the rise across the country, according to Orkin entomologist Dr. Tim Husen, but the problem is more apparent in some cities than others.

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Orkin outs the worst U.S. cities for bedbug infestations By Barbara Kollmeyer. Published:. the biggest city in Maryland has made it to the top of Orkin’s Top 50 Bed Bug Cities list.

Tips for Bed Bugs in School & Bed Bugs in Day Care Centers Bed Bugs in Schools. You Found One. 3 Replies.. If you found a bed bug on school furniture or elsewhere inside the building:. child care centers and tagged Bed bugs on January 27, 2015 by Debra E. Marvin. About Debra E. Marvin.

New Report Ranks Top U.S. Cities for Bed Bug Infestations. A new report compiled from Terminix data shows 15 cities stand above the rest as the most bed bug-infested cities in the United States.

Terminix last week released their list of the cities with the worst bed bug infestations. Four Ohio cities made the top 25 list as did San Franciso and the nation’s capital.

Bon Voyage Bed Bugs was originally started to serve as a basic source of information on bed bugs and how to get rid of them.But over time, we realized if we were going to highlight the importance of using professional bed bug extermination services, then we needed to.

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The Bed Bug Registry exists to give travelers and renters a reliable and neutral platform for reporting their encounters with bed bugs. Though most Americans have still never come across one, these retro pests are spreading extremely quickly across American and Canadian cities.