Traveling this summer? Stay bed bug aware.

Many people hit the road during the summer, traveling to far-flung destinations for vacations. Whether you’re headed to the beach or the mountains, another country or staying at home here in the U.S., be sure to stay bed bug aware.. Bed bugs are hitchhiking pests that can infest five-star hotels, budget motels, hostels, homes, and everything in between.

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Bed bugs are a huge problem as traveling becomes easier and easier. Over the last decade bed bug infestations have literally exploded and become a huge problem for hotels. ross environmental solutions is here to share some tips to help you avoid bed bugs this summer when staying in a hotel. Stay at a Reputable Hotel to Prevent Bed Bugs When.

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Traveling exposes you to a greater risk of encountering bed bugs in hotel rooms and other public places. simple travel strategies reduce your chances of bringing home bed bugs. Research

Kissing bugs (from the Triatominae insect family) are blood sucking insects that are known to attack humans for their food. These pests are sometimes called some names, the most common being “cone-nose bug”, “masked hunter bug” or “Mexican bed bug”.

When traveling to or from Canada and crossing the US/Canada border, there are rules and regulations you should be aware of, to make your trip easy and trouble-free. Places to Visit: US-Canada Border Information

Bed bug pest control is far worse than prevention. This holiday season, avoid the bed bug removal process. Take a few precautionary measures so your holiday gift to yourself isn’t to have to get rid of bed bugs.

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Bed Bug Prevention When Traveling. If you stay in a hotel or motel, keep these bed bug travel tips in mind. It is important that you take some precautions to ensure that your room is bed-bug free before you settle in.

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