Tree Termite: A New Species of Termites is Invading Dania Beach, Florida

Unlike all other termites in South Florida, the soldier form of this termite species has a cone-shaped, dark brown head from which it secretes a pine sap-like chemical to ward off predators.

Savage termites are the latest species to plague Florida joining pythons, giant rats, crocodiles and poisonous caterpillars . A new species of wood-eating termite, native to the Caribbean, has.

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Using axes and picks, workers tore up termite nests the size of toaster ovens Tuesday, as a new battle began against a foreign insect that has seized territory in Dania Beach. The conehead termite.

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The spread of invasive species is a major ecological and economic problem. and then used to project the temporal progression of B. davidii’s distribution in New Zealand, starting from several.

Robust colonies of N. castaneus apparently live in trees and palms for years or even decades before they are discovered. In one case, alates of N. castaneus were emerging from a Ficus tree in an indoor shopping mall in New Jersey many years after the tree was delivered from Florida.

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DEAD BUG EDWARDS TERMITE professional fumigator tents in Florida EXOTIC INVASIONS, DIVERSITY, BIOLOGY, AND CONTROL OF TERMITES AND ANTS.. we began eradication Nasutitermes corniger in Dania Beach, Florida, using fipronil and imidacloprid.. Predicting the geographical distribution of two invasive termite species from occurrence data. Ecological Entomology

Forty years ago, the elkhorn coral was one of the most common species in the Caribbean. Now, Kathryn Patterson Sutherland from Rollins College in Florida has discovered the cause of white pox.

The new research is one of many recent studies claiming that Neanderthals weren’t just dumb brutes that were out-competed by early humans. Says lead researcher Metin Eren: “When we think of.

Tough and hungry tree termites invade Dania Beach, prompt a battle plan. tree termites, unlike the regular termite species, build their nests and tunnels above ground.. They fly out of the.

The technique has worked before; it halted the downward creep of Long Beach, California, half a century ago, as nearby oil extraction caused the city to sink. In the current study, Italian researchers.

West Nile Virus and You Why Rats And Mice Like Your Home Wiring What is West Nile virus? A. West Nile virus (WNV) is an old world mosquito-borne pathogen that appeared unexpectantly in the New York metropolitan area in the fall of 1999. The disease was first thought to be St. Louis encephalitis, a closely related mosquito-borne virus that is relatively common in the continental United States.What is a Termite Letter? A Termite letter often called a WDO or Wood Infestation Report is an Official Alabama Wood Destroying Organism Report. It is a visual inspection of the condition of a property regarding wood destroying organisms.