Vampire bugs: the top 5 blood feeding insects

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The insects feed on blood during the night, as they prefer to bite human beings. The bugs bite humans around the eyes and mouth. The bugs have a characteristic look and length that ranges from three quarters to one-quarter inches.

Many bat species must contend with tiny, blood-feeding bat flies that can look like the face-huggers out of the Alien movies. Species of vampire bats, however, may have it worse than most.

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Bed Bugs . Bed bugs are blood-feeding insects (figures 1-3) that feed mainly on the blood of humans, but also suck blood from other animals, such as birds, bats, and rodents. Bed bugs usually feed at night when people are asleep because the hosts are unaware that they are being fed upon.

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While there are various insects that feed on blood, fleas are the largest group to be 100% haematophagous, with over 2000 known species heavily adapted to live off the blood of mammals.. Vampire moths.. it would be so much more fitting if Dracula transformed into a bug-eyed, buzzing insect.

While the most common bloodsucking insects are flies (Diptera), other groups of insects, such as true bugs (Hemiptera) and even some moths (Lepidoptera) have blood-feeding behaviors. Mosquitoes Of all the blood-feeding insects, mosquitoes are perhaps the most familiar.

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"It’s not like these hordes of cicadas suck blood or. the bugs aren’t asleep. As some of the world’s longest-lived insects, they go through different growth stages and molt four times before ever.

Although thinking about blood-feeding bugs can be fun for those who like horror and those sorts of things, the fact remains some of these blood-suckers can actually do some harm. So, if you find you have an infestation of any of the vampire-like insects listed below, contact Ehrlich to have them taken care of.

Bed bug sucking blood  · We rightfully fear internal attack by parasitic worms, and look upon mosquitos, leeches and mites with disgust. These stereotypical parasites are just mere “bugs.