What are Carpet Beetles?

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We put together a detailed guide on how to get rid of carpet beetles. We included 4 free contractor quotes and cost associated to hire one. Carpet beetles are insects whose larvae feed on organic materials usually found in the home. As with all insect pests, the easiest place for them to live, eat and breed is in our homes and usually they do it all undetected.

They may be small, but carpet beetles are extremely persistent and voracious pests, and an office infestation will require the assistance of a professional pest.

What you’ll invariably find is that the pristine lawns have almost no insects living there – no bees or butterflies, no beetles, no grasshoppers or crickets, no lacewings, no spiders, no roly-polys.

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Carpet beetles will commonly infest bird and rodent nests after the occupants have left. Identification. Carpet beetles are usually first noticed as a small, fuzzy, larvae (2-3 mm) in the fall and winter months; environment. carpet beetle larvae feeds on any natural fibers: fur, feathers, wool, and silk

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Though carpet beetles do not bite, it is possible to experience an allergic reaction to carpet beetles and these pests may contaminate pantry items. damage to clothing, blankets, carpets and items made from animal products are likely to occur when these bugs have infested.

Elimination of carpet beetles from large objects, such as furniture, may require the services of a professional pest control operator. elimination.

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