What are Earwigs? [Video]

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Earwigs have a low tolerance for heat, becoming active at night and spending the day in hiding. Earwigs are drawn to dark, damp conditions and are often observed around sinks and in bathrooms during the summer.

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Earwigs make up the insect order Dermaptera.With about 2,000 species in 12 families, they are one of the smaller insect orders.Earwigs have characteristic cerci, a pair of forceps-like pincers on their abdomen, and membranous wings folded underneath short, rarely used forewings, hence the scientific order name, "skin wings".

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EARWIGS. Though rarely destructive, earwigs are a nuisance to many homeowners due to their unsightly appearance and large population numbers. TERRO has the solutions you need to control and eradicate earwigs in and around your home.

Read more and see videos on this topic. adult earwig. chewing damage to citrus leaves caused by earwigs (Note: Other pests can cause similar-looking damage.) Trap earwigs in cans baited with oil or rolled up newspapers.

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Please enable Javascript to watch this video Ugh – those slugs! There are plenty of them this year. And earwigs, too. Though we don’t see them much because they feed at night and hideout by day, their.

European earwigs are common in Utah and are easily recognized by the large pincers on the end of their bodies. The ideas that earwigs crawl into ears and that their pincers are dangerous are both false.

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