What Are Mutant Mosquitoes?

Mutant mosquitoes, that is. Millions of them. At least that’s the plan being considered by federal health officials to head off dengue fever and chikungunya — two deadly, mosquito-borne diseases.

Ricky Ricotta's Mighty Robot - <span id="read-aloud-book">read aloud* book</span> 2 – Mutant Mosquitoes ‘ class=’alignleft’>Mosquitoes continue to be a serious public health concern in Utah, and it’s apparently only going to get worse. Not only do they transmit West Nile Virus, <span id="dog-heart-worm">dog heart worm</span> and malaria, but two.</p>
<p>A variation on the old urban legend about albino alligators dwelling in the New York sewer system comes to us from London: Biologists say a new species of mosquito is evolving in the tunnels of the London Underground.</p>
<p>Mutant mosquitoes could wipe out malaria. In From Around the Web, Science & Technology; February 19, 2019; David Aragorn;. a disease that is primarily spread by infected mosquitoes – remains a major problem in the tropical and subtropical regions of the world.</p>
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