What Attracts Bed Bugs?

Results of an Aphid Infestation. There are many different species of aphids, and some have affinities for specific types of plants. Regardless of which species is causing your aphid infestation, these pesky bugs can be detrimental to your plants.

Method: UV light attracts mosquitoes into an electrocuting or sticky board trap, on which the insects are killed or caught. Do light traps work? Although light traps lure a number of flying insects, there is no scientific evidence that the device reduces the number of mosquitoes in an area or that it will reduce the chance of getting bitten.

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The bird-x bed bug alert pheromone monitor and trap is an effective way to trap bed bugs that may be in your mattress and box springs. Using the most up to date Pheromone lure, the bed bug alert trap and monitor lures and captures bed bugs.

Bed bugs do like any piece of the body that has good blood flow. So the reproductive organs will be included in their list of target spots. Posted in Bed Bugs and tagged Bed Bugs , bedbugs , carbon dioxide , heat , what attracts bed bugs

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