What Causes Termites?

Causes of Termites in Your Home Moisture Termites are attracted to areas where moisture accumulates in and around your home, including damp basements, laundry rooms, bathrooms and leaky foundation walls.

Proper Termite Inspections What you need to know about termite swarms termite Swarm Season is February – April If swarming termites emerge from areas in and around your home, do not panic.

Top 9 Signs of Termites Infestation.. In most cases, both termite species can cause destruction of the foundations and the joints. When an alates for colonizing fight is about to be released the termites often produce earthen flight tubes, which projects horizontally from the infested timber..

Termites exist as part of our eco system. Termites eat materials containing cellulose ie. wood, paper etc.Termites attack structures containing cellulose materials because they can gain entry.To.

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Not all termites infest live trees but the ones that do can cause significant damage and pose danger to the nearby area because of falling trees and limbs. If you suspect that termites have infested one of your trees, you need to act quickly. Learn to recognize the signs of a termite infestation and act accordingly.

Top Ten Reasons Termites Invade Your Home. We have compiled the top ten reasons why termites may invade a home. MIND THE FRONT STEPS : Over the years your front stoop may sag or crack. Precipitation pools against the home and along the foundation.. Wet insulation and wood is a common cause.

‘Paramedic’ Ants Are the First to Rescue and Heal Their Wounded Comrades

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