What is a roof rat?

The roof rat which is commonly referred to as the "black rat" because of their black fur which is darker in color than the brown Norway rat. Norway rats are not great climbers and are found in the basement and bottom levels of home, whereas the Roof rats are found invading higher levels of buildings. Also, roof rats prefer a warmer more.

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Like Norway rats and native rats, roof rats are nocturnal (active at night). The most significant behavioral difference between the species, which has implications for control meth- ods, is the aerial nature of roof rats. Roof rats prefer to forage for food above ground in elevated areas indoors and out- doors.

Roof rats nest outside in trees, woodpiles and debris, and in dense vegetation. Inside, roof rats prefer to nest in the upper levels of a building in the attic and ceiling. Food preferences roof rats are omnivorious, but tend to more vegetarian preferences. Typical food is fresh fruit, plant material, nuts and seeds, vegetables and even tree bark.

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Like the Norway rat, the roof rat is largely nocturnal and only where populations are relatively high does one see them frequently in the daytime. There is some indication that the larger and more aggressive Norway rat is supplanting the roof rat in many parts of the United States. In.

Roof rats, R. rattus, sometimes called black rats, are slightly smaller than Norway rats. Unlike Norway rats, their tails are longer than their heads and bodies combined. Roof rats are agile climbers and usually live and nest above ground in shrubs, trees, and dense vegetation such as ivy.

What is the difference between Roof Rats and Norway Rats Tampa Bay The black rat (Rattus rattus)-also known as ship rat, roof rat, or house rat-is a common long-tailed rodent of the stereotypical rat genus Rattus, in the subfamily Murinae.. Black rats are generalist omnivores.They are serious pests to farmers because they eat a wide range of agricultural crops.They are black to light brown in color with a lighter underside.

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