What is a Termite Letter?

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Need a termite clearance letter? Just fill out this form and we will be happy to take care of it for you. IMPORTANT!! Termite clearance letters are valid for 30 days from the date of inspection. * Denotes Required Fields

A Termite letter often called a WDO or Wood Infestation Report is an Official Alabama Wood Destroying Organism Report. It is a visual inspection of the condition of a property regarding wood destroying organisms.

Pest Knockdown treatment pest control treatment with FREE Termite and Rodent/Wildlife Inspection. Offer valid for residential properties under 4,000 square feet.

Real Estate Home Inspection and Termite Clearance Letters. Home Inspection is commonly referred to as a Realty Termite Inspection, Termite Letter, Real Estate Report or Clearance Letter. Every states seems to have a different name for it, but most states are looking for the same wood destroying organisms.

Realtor Services; Realtor termite letter request. in eco-friendly pest control and termite control solutions, mosquito control, energy-saving insulation services,

Termite Reports When part of real estate closing costs, termite inspections run -0 and include a Wood. I requested an inspection, for a letter for sale of a house.

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The termite letter is really more of a report than a letter. It is a report compiled by a licensed pest control / termite company that states that a licensed technician has inspected the home for termites and other wood destroying organisms.

Termite Letters and Termite Bonds What is a Termite Letter? "Termite letter" is the common name for an official report issued by a certified pest control operator that documents the results of a visual inspection of a structure for wood-destroying organisms.

The termite letter is a report stating that your home is free and clear of these 5 organisms. With the letter, we promise that your home will be clear of these 5 organisms for 90 days. If your house, by any chance, does get termites within those 90 days, we will come out and treat the house for free!

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