What to Do About a Mouse in the House

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2008-08-09 · Yesterday i found a living mouse in the basement of my house. I managed to entrap the mouse. But the smell in the basement tells me, that there was another mouse which is dead now. Do you know a possibility how to.

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If you have a mouse in your house, you have several choices at your disposal. You can set a humane trap and release it outside, use a standard snap trap, or even get a cat to do the job. Use mouse repellents and seal your house to keep mice out in the future.

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How to Get Rid of Mice Keep watch for the mouse once the bait is set out. Once a mouse takes the bait, it could lay to rest anywhere and if it isn’t found, your house could smell when it starts decomposing. While it may not be fun finding a mouse in your apartment, you should be able to successfully get rid of it as long as you’re prepared and take every precaution.

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What to Do When Mice Have Invaded Your Home. Stephanie Lee. 9/09/16 11:00am.. Confirm That You Have a Mouse Problem.. For inside the house, you can use steel wool and caulk to plug up any.