What We Can Learn From Cockroaches

Top view a dead cockroach on white background. Cockroaches are one of the oldest species on earth, dating back over 300 million years, which pre-dates the dinosaurs. How is it that they have survived so long? What can we learn from their longevity? Cockroaches have one main survival mechanism: they move away from puffs of air.

The American cockroach (Periplaneta americana) is the largest species of common cockroach, and often considered a pest.In certains regions of the U.S. it is colloquially known as the waterbug, though is not a true waterbug since it is not aquatic. It is also known as the ship cockroach, kakerlac, and Bombay canary.

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The idea of cyborg cockroaches aren’t exactly new. Last year, PETA complained when one company sold the RoboRoach kit as a learning toy for $100, saying, "There is no way a child is going to learn..

And: "Cockroach teaches us how to use what we have available to us for survival..Cockroach is actually a gifted teacher in the art of survival and adaptability, especially in environments that may seem a bit hostile.". Lessons from a Cockroach.. Learn how your comment data is.

7-9-2017  · Typhoon Hato lashed Southern China two weeks ago. Hong Kong and Macau were struck head-on with strong winds and heavy rain. A widely-shared youtube video.

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1-5-2018  · The bad news? 30 species of cockroaches can live around us!. But no matter how many times we stomp them, squash them, and bomb them with toxic.

A cockroach can live almost a month without food. A cockroach can live about two weeks without water. Some female cockroaches only mate once and stay pregnant for life! A cockroach can live for up to one week without its head! Cockroaches can hold their breath for up to 40 minutes! Cockroaches can run up to 3 miles an hour.