Where Pests Hide in the Workplace

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Here are some office pest control tips that will help you control bed bugs in the office. Vacuum and Clean the Office Daily. Bed bugs can be hard to find in a cluttered office because they have so many good hiding spots available to them. As a result, keeping a clean and organized office is a must.

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Check out this list to figure out where they may be hiding and breeding so you can eliminate the source of the problem and prevent pests in the workplace. The Kitchen : Thanks to food and water sources, an office kitchen or break area can be a welcoming place for pests.

This article explains the concepts of IPM, why it is an important means of pest control, and how you can play a part in implementing IPM not only at home, but also at your child’s school, and/or your place of work.

Hungry bugs will move out from their hiding places, in search of a blood meal when the person is distracted.. Unless people are carefully looking for bed bugs hiding in cracks and crevices, these pests can be easily. Work Efficiently.

Dealing with Rodents & Pests in the Workplace is actually more common than you may think to find mice and other pests lurking around the office.. The less clutter and confusion you have in your business space, the fewer areas there are for pests to hide.

A role for employees in workplace pest prevention . Bed bugs, cockroaches can infiltrate offices via briefcases and lunchboxes . Friday, June 9, 2017. potential hiding spots and more. There’s no doubt that being proactive and educating teams about bed bugs will help protect the facility.

Clutter provides hiding and nesting places for pests, including rodents. Employees should keep their work areas clutter-free and store items off the floor. learn good plant care. Workplace plants are beneficial unless they become infested with gnats. To prevent this, do not overwater plants.

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