Who Pays for a Termite Inspection?

The buyer or seller pays for the termite inspection depending on what is stated in the Purchase Contract and Wood Destroying Pest Addendum. In most instances, the seller pays for the inspection and section 1 repairs while the buyer pays for Section 2 repairs.

Guidelines in choosing a pest control company When selecting a pest control provider, it pays to spend a few minutes researching this providers history and verifying that they have a proven track record.

A termite inspection is usually ordered at some point during the course of a home sale. In some areas of the country, the seller orders an inspection before the home is offered for sale.

1) The biggest complaint I get from readers is about having to pay for another title insurance policy each. And, the California Association of Realtors needs to put the seller termite inspection.

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Termites cause about $2.5 billion worth of property damage to American homes every year. And there certainly are termites in Georgia! Termite Letter vs. Termite Bond

The VA guidelines for a pest inspection (termite inspection) state that the property be located in a moderate to heavy infestation zone.. The realtor or lender can pay for it but primarily, the seller is responsible for paying for the pest inspection. There are non-allowable fees that the.

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I didn’t pay anything because there’s no termites in the UK (too cold) and I didn’t buy my house because it belongs to the government and I just rent it. Paying for a termite inspection here would be a waste of money.

Basically, on a purchase, someone besides the Veteran must pay for the VA termite inspection. Typically, the seller pays the cost, but it may also be the listing agent, buyer’s agent, or even the lender (as long as the Veteran does not pay it.) Most termite inspection invoices range from $50.

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It only requires a termite inspection if the property has signs of active termites or the region in which the property is located in is known for termite activity. Regions with warm climates have.

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