Why Are There Termite Swarmers?

Termite swarmers Swarming is a natural part of the termite life cycle. It is nature’s way of telling us there is termite activity around your house. While not all swarmers are indicators of termite activity in your home, if you find them it is best to call a licensed exterminator to inspect. Termite swarmers have no biting or chewing mouthparts and do not.

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A "swarm" is a dispersal flight of the winged termites. The termite swarm happens fast, with a large number of swarming termites, making it an unforgettable experience if it happens in your house. The fact is, swarming termites do not bite, they will not harm you, or damage your belongings, but, it is no doubt unpleasant.

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Most of the time, a termite swarm is the only time homeowners actually see termites or find out they have termites before damage is discovered. Termite swarms can occur both indoors and outside. Follow these tips from Massey Services to learn what you should do in the event of a termite swarm.

These termite swarmers can be identified by the following characteristics: two sets of wings that are uniform in size, broad waist and straight-bead like antennae. Eastern Subterranean Termites The most common home-infesting termite found in the U.S. is the subterranean termite, specifically the eastern subterranean termite.

Termites cause $5 billion in property damage each year. Damage from termites is not typically covered by insurance. Termite control services provided by Western Exterminator are crucial for property owners to mitigate and stop the costly damage these wood-eating insects cause.

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