Why Do Cockroaches Die on Their Backs?

American Cockroach Dying  · Usually, only cockroaches that have been killed with insecticide die on their backs. This is because insecticide affects the nervous system, causing different enzymes to build up in the cockroach. These enzymes often cause muscle spasms, and with their already top-heavy body, they almost always end up lying on their backs at their time of death.

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First, few cockroaches die on their backs in the wild. Natural death of cockroaches probably occurs in the stomach of a bird, bat or other small animal. Second, Cockroaches are not used to living on a polished marble or vinyl floor. They are more used to a living plane including leaves and sticks and other vegetable debris.

The bug pulled into a cylindrical shape by rigor is now unstable, and is pulled by gravity to roll over to lie on its back as that’s the most stable position, and it is the point where the center of gravity is lowest to the ground. So, the answer is that roaches don’t naturally die on their backs, but end up there after death.

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