Why Flying Termites Mean Serious Trouble

The emergence of flying termites from a colony tends to act like a pressure valve for the colony in times of overcrowding. Swarming tends to be synchronised and short-lived. Flying termites from multiple colonies will take flight at the same time. The flying termites will then mate. That’s why it’s often described as a ‘nuptial’ or.

Varying conditions may mean that swarms will occur at different times, according to Orkin.. wood in contact with the ground and moisture problems. Termites build mud tubes from the soil up to.

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Flying Termites Are Not Death From Above.. Seeing these massive flying termite swarms can be quite terrifying to some people, when in reality the swarmers do not cause any structural damage.. However it does mean your home is currently infested with termites and you need to get it treated.

Southern flying squirrel. Flying squirrels have a very similar appearance to tree squirrels. They have grayish-brown fur with a gray or white under-belly; adults can range in size from 5-6 inches in length (without tail). Flying squirrels have large black eyes which allow them to have excellent night vision.

What is a Termite Mud Tube? Woodchuck vs. Groundhog: What’s the Difference? They do, however, have the experience, equipment and methodology to identify tell-tale signs of termite issues and treat them at their root cause. Some of the signs could be a little damage to a.

Woodchuck vs. Groundhog: What’s the Difference?

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Baiting is a long term approach to termite control. When termites are found feeding on the interceptors in the station, the bait matrix is inserted into the station’s central cavity. The bait, Labyrinth®, is a cellulose-based material that contains the insect growth regulator “diflubenzuron”.

What Do Carpenter Ants Look Like?. Is it an ant or a termite?. Why Seeing Ants in Your Home in Winter Could Mean Serious Problems. You are used to seeing ants scurrying around your patio or driveway, ant hills protruding out of your grass, and even ants who’ve made their way into your.

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