Wildlife Facts: Facts about Groundhogs & Wild Nuisances

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Facts About Groundhogs. By Alina Bradford, Live Science Contributor. (2.77 C), according to the National Wildlife Federation. A groundhog typically sticks close to home.

Fun Facts About Groundhogs.. Groundhog on the move. These animals have short ears and a short tail. They can move surprisingly quick.. >>For even more facts on groundhogs. Where Groundhogs Live.

We all love wildlife, but when wild animals are in the wrong place at the wrong. Facts About Beavers and Their Control. wild hog Prevent the Spread of Wild.

Each year groundhogs enjoy 15 minutes of fame for Groundhog Day-and then most people proceed to forget about them completely. So we dug up some little-known facts about these annual celebrities.

Groundhog activities: Sneaking out of burrow & foraging 10 Crazy Facts About Groundhog Day You Never Knew – but Should. Here is an example of a groundhog in the wild doing so when it sees a human:. so naturally "Phil" has been played by a.

Where Do Opossums Live In The Winter? West Nile Virus Threat Continues Well Into the Fall Anticipating a not-so-distant future when cars are treated more like luxury lounges in which passengers relax and occupy themselves with-well, matters other than what’s coming.Since opossums do not hibernate in winter, it is common for people to see the pests out and about year-round. The animals scavenge in garbage when food is scarce and are known to den under sheds, porches, and decks. Removal.

Groundhog Facts. Groundhogs, or woodchucks, are large rodents known for their burrowing habits and destructive behavior. Get to know more about groundhogs – including what they eat and how to identify damage – and then navigate the tabs below to explore important groundhog control information.

Earth Day Fun Facts – Wildlife Removal in Virginia earthday 20 fun facts about earth. Common Animal Nuisances; Go Blog Wild;. Bats Beavers Birds chipmunks dead animal foxes Groundhogs Mice Moles Opossums Raccoons Rats Skunks Snakes Squirrels Voles Other.

Common Nuisance Wildlife in Georgia: Fact Sheets & Info. for landowners and others that wish to learn more about feral pigs and the control of these animals.

Carbon Monoxide Facts, Myths & Tips. Nuisance wildlife are animals that cause significant property damage, such as ground hogs (aka woodchucks) that burrow along side building foundations or under. Feral cats have been a problem in the township from time to time; while we do not have a TNR program we do trap.

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Woodchuck information and facts.. Read here for groundhog trapping tips or if you can’t do it yourself, This season is the breeding season for these animals as female groundhogs give birth to almost half a dozen newborns.