Will Artificial Grass Protect My Home From Pests?

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It turns out that artificial turf can also help get rid of pests around your home. Keep reading to discover how. Limited Food Source. Any insect or pest needs food to survive and many find it in backyards. When you install artificial grass, you limit the amount of food available.

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The Top 5 Largest Insects in the World The largest is the dobsonfly Acanthacorydalis fruhstorferi, which can have a wingspan of up to 21.6 cm (8.5 in), making it the largest aquatic insect in the world by this measurement. This species is native to China and Vietnam, and its body can be up to 10.5 cm (4.1 in) long.

How to Clean Artificial Grass. So you’ve said goodbye to mowing, scarifying and fertilising. You have more time to spend lounging in the sun during the summer months, and your dog isn’t being told off for scratching the turf bare.

Navigating through row after row of plants, my tiny fingers would reach into the leaves to pluck all the vile little creatures from their homes and deposit them into a can of gasoline.

Protect Your Home From Pests and Save Your Property Value. When outside, animals and insects are an invaluable element of the circle of life. But once they come inside our homes, they are not only a risk to our health but also a detriment to our property value.

Think of artificial grass as an asset and an investment that can increase the value of your property. And best of all, unlike most expenses you put into your home, TURFevolutions will pay for itself over a matter of a few years! For instance, say you spend $200 per month on landscaping and water costs, equating to $2,400 a year.

Artificial Grass: Best Artificial Grass (Buying Guide) Get rid of anything around your home allows standing water to create a breeding ground for mosquitoes and other insects. Let us help you find the right combination of pest management and pest control products to keep insects and animals in check around your home.

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