World Mosquito Day Interview

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World Mosquito Day, observed annually on Aug. 20, is a commemoration of British doctor Sir Ronald Ross’s discovery in 1897 that female mosquitoes transmit malaria between humans.

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Why do we celebrate World Mosquito Day? – Observed annually on August 20, World Mosquito Day commemorates the 1897 discovery by British doctor Sir Ronald Ross that malaria is transfered by mosquitoes. Browse the gallery and find out why such a malevolent, bloodsucking, and supremely annoying.

World Mosquito Day The most dangerous mosquito-borne diseases. Malaria, dengue fever, zika – mosquitoes aren’t just annoying when they buzz around your ear at night, they can also infect us with.

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It may seem weird to have a whole day dedicated to this blood-sucking pest. However, World Mosquito Day has been recognized since 1897. This was when Sir Ronald Ross discovered the link between mosquitoes and malaria (a disease). Even though these pesky bugs can make us twitch and itch, let’s put aside the heebie-jeebies to.