Yellow (Citronella) Ants: How to Get Rid of Yellow Ants

Ants in and around the home often cause a bit of disturbance to homeowners. Citronella ants (Acanthomyops interjectus), also called foundation ants and large yellow ants, often cause concern that isn’t warranted.

Also known as Yellow ants Description Citronella ants have tiny hairs all over their bodies and antennae made up of 12 segments, with the last segments enlarging gradually towards the tip. Notes When crushed underfoot, the worker ants give off a lemon-like odour.

The ants in the area are usually yellow or black, and their eggs are very large and. "When you are bitten, you need to stay calm and find a way to get rid of the ant, because jumping up and down.

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Yellow ants give off a distinctive lemon or citronella smell when crushed. The colony is subterranean and is probably located under a concrete slab or next to a foundation wall. Yellow ants are.

Never letting them in to start with. These are some best practices for keeping ants in general at bay: Keep your floors free of food crumbs and wipe up spills especially fruity or sweet children’s drinks. When you are cooking outdoors make sure you don’t leave food on the grill, clean it like you would your kitchen.

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Only 5/32" in length, worker citronella ants are yellow where the queens can reach up to 5/16" long. The citronella ant is so named because the workers have a strong lemon-like smell when crushed.

Citronella ants are small, yellow insects that, when crushed, release a lemon scent into the air. Only about 4 to 5 mm long, these ants feed almost exclusively on a substance known as honeydew, which is secreted by aphids and a few other small bugs, and have been known to acquire this food source by tending aphids in subterranean "farms."

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