Your Partner in Pest Prevention

When the safety and protection of your family, customers, employees and property in the Mid-Ohio Valley are threatened by pests of any kind, you can rely on the professionals at Pest Pro. With over three decades of experience in residential, commercial and industrial pest control, we restore your peace of mind, safely.

Copesan’s full-service pest management programs provide maximum brand protection. Our success as a trusted pest management solutions provider in a number of different industry segments has resulted in programs designed to meet and exceed the specific needs of a wide range of clients with proven, long-term results.

Your partner in pest control. We are a family-run business providing a friendly and reliable service whether you are a householder or a commercial client. Our services can be on a one-off treatment or 12-month contract basis; and as a full member of the British pest control association (BPCA.

Your Pest Control Partner. Official Pest Prevention was founded January 1, 2000. During its 16 years in business Official Pest Prevention has kept over 70,000 Northern California homes and businesses free of pests.

Your Partner in Pest Prevention BACK TO MAIN PAGE Common Attic Bugs, Insects, & Pests. Strange sounds coming from your attic? It could be pests scratching and scurrying about! Although the attic may be merely a storage space to you, it can often be a welcoming home for animal intruders like rodents, bats and raccoons, arachnids and insects alike.

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